Buy YouTube Likes: The Key To Growing Your Account

When buying YouTube views, the more you buy the more you get and you might even end up with more than you paid for in the form of viewers viewing any video that’s popular or well-viewed. Paradoxically, the way to get free views is to pay for a few of them and start a chain reaction of free video sharing.In turn, if you want your YouTube account or marketing campaign to grow, you might need to buy youtube likes. It works the same way as buying views. The likes bar gives your video a lot more credibility because it represents community support. What’s more, you don’t have to buy youtube likes a whole way through. Just buy enough to give viewers the impression of positive consensus.

Positive Consensus

  • Likes are collectively a better indicator of positive consensus than views because it’s possible to view something that’s hated or disliked significantly. Likes further bolster your views in that they confirm the popularity of the video was because of fame rather than infamy. Views are easier to fake too using plug-ins that refresh your browser every few seconds and a VPN that changes your IP every so often. It’s better to do this with a VPN instead of without one.
  • Plug-in refreshers should be used with ever-changing IP addresses (via proxies or VPN) because otherwise, YouTube will ban or bury your video if it were to gather views that are registered through one IP only. Then again, the ability to AstroTurf or fake views for a video is the reason why YouTube changed its promotion algorithm to value engagement more. The most watched video no longer is the most impact video as far as YouTube is concerned.
  • Engagement specifically refers to watch time and interaction of the user with the video. Rather than just take into account views (which could involve people clicking the video for the first few seconds then clicking off soon afterwards), YouTube now values both views and how many minutes the user watches on top of other metrics like likes, shares, comments, and other clues of engagement. Views only tell part of the story nowadays.