News Flash: Carrageenan Does NOT Cause Cancer

Whenever something is in abundance and being popular, they are targeted by a lot of people and tend to make some issues out of it so that they fall down in the market and no one would avail that product anymore. Even when it comes to organic additives like carrageenan, people are saying that the contents of this particular ingredient may cause cancer to people who are consuming them on a daily basis. This news has become a horror for people because most of the products they are consuming contain this ingredient. However, let us look at the reason why it is not the case.

Healthy Alternative For Additives
Since the majority of the additives being produced nowadays are chemically induced, people are also considering carrageenan as one of them. However, if you are not that aware, then let me tell you this. It is actually an ingredient that is commonly found in seaweed, which is apparently a plant growing underwater.

When we talk about something organic and healthy, the first thing that comes to mind are plants, which is somehow true since they grow on their own, getting needs from the outside when necessary. However, it is not the case if the plants are sprayed with chemicals to make them grow. For the seaweed, on the other hand, that can’t be the case because they naturally grow underwater and doesn’t need that much attention to grow. This ingredient has been considered as on organic ingredient by The National Organic Standards Board, meaning it doesn’t have that dangerous effect on the body like cancer that someone proposes.  Even the World Health Organization claims that it is safe after their investigation, meaning that it is actually safe and you don’t need to worry about the false accusations of it having a bad effect on the body.

The Mophorn 5 In 1 Heat Press: Pros And Cons

If a person is a newbie to the heat press world, he definitely needs a machine that will help him get the job down but does not break the bank. There is still a lot of practicing to do so having a machine that works well will make it a fulfilling experience for him.

There are many heat press machines now available in the market that is beginner-friendly. They also have many additional features that traditional heat press machines do not have. One such example of this machine is the Mophorn heat press. Here are the Mophorn heat press pros and cons.

The advantages of Mophorn 5 in 1 heat press

This heat press machine comes with many types of heat presses. A person will have everything he needs to get started with the printing. This also means that he will not need to spend more money buying additional tools for printing because it is already available once he purchases the Mophorn heat press.

The design of Mophorn heat press is also good. This is because the swing away plate allows for more access to the material that is being printed on. Furthermore, it will also prevent the user from getting burned. The thick heating board and press also allow the person to create professional looking prints.

The disadvantages of Mophorn 5 in 1 heat press

There are few disadvantages that can be said about this machine. The only ones that are worth mentioning are it does not come with free fabrics or materials to practice printing on and there are no free designs of graphics included.
Having said the Mophorn heat press pros and cons, it can be said that this machine is a good deal for its price. It can also be used by beginners and professionals. Furthermore, it is also very durable. This allows a person create quality prints for a very long time.

New All-Inclusive Condos Are Coming To Singapore

Condominiums are one of the most popular shelters that Singaporeans regularly use. It can be convenient to occupy a unit rather than commuting especially if the commuting time takes longer and not at all efficient. One of the currently being built condominiums is the Parc Riviera. This condominium is situated in West Coast Vale and is designed to occupy at 752 residents. Aside from the luxurious feeling living in the said condominium gives, it also provides convenience to commuters since West Coast Vale is near bus stations like Jurong and Clementi MRT. Moreover, it is also conveniently built near schools which include Japanese kindergarten, Qifa Primary, and Tanglin Secondary. This can be beneficial especially to occupants that have children. The children can conveniently take the bus whenever they go to school.

Condominium Details

Rooms are divided into four types, mainly, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, and 4BR. All have furniture and appliances included within the payment of the rent. The only difference is the floor area with 4BR having largest area than the remaining room types. All except 1BR-type rooms have a master bedroom and a guest bedroom, each having their own bathroom. A balcony is also included in each room as well as a kitchen and laundry room.


Parc Riviera has sold 99 units with the majority coming from the regular 1BR-type rooms. It has attracted a significant amount of occupants due to its impressive location being near numerous bus stops and MRT. According to URA, 1BR-type rooms cost a monthly average of $1,750 and this is right after the addition of a 20% new build premium.

Shopping Centers

Residents can also easily go to near shopping centers in case they have supply needs and grocery needs. Jurong East which is near the condominium is known to have lots of large retail malls such as JEM, Westgate, Big Box and JCube.

Diet Bestseller: The 5-2 Diet Book

Consumerism is one of the major problems that continually to sprout among nations. It is a belief that consuming off a lot of goods and services will be good economically for the whole nation. This belief makes an individual consume more than they need. One of the sectors that have benefitted from this is the food industry. As more people are engaged in buying foods, more problems arise. One of this is that the amount of waste generated increases exponentially and overweight become rampant among adults and children. Overweight problems have been a concern in first world countries for the past decades.

Overweight occurs when too many fats accumulate in a body more than that of normal body mass index (BMI) for a certain age. BMI is the measurement of fat in the body depending on height and weight of an individual. Usually, normal people have a BMI ranging from 20-25. Higher than 25 and you will be considered overweight.

There are a lot of things that you can do to shed some weight. But all of them will make you hungry and it needs the willpower to be successful. There are lots of diet books in the market like that 5 2 diet book which offers easy solutions to your overweight problems.

The 5 2 diet book details the “Eat Stop Eat” wherein it focuses on the principle of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a form dieting pattern wherein you skip certain meals to control your calories intake per day.

What is “Eat Stop Eat”?

Eat stop eat is a method develop by food guru Brad Pilon. It is an intermittent fasting wherein you do fasting once or twice a week but never consecutively. During the fasting days, it is recommended coffee, soda or tea. During breakfast, you should only eat moderately and he advocates eating lots of vegetables and fruits.

Are There Any Part-Time Truck Driving Jobs Available?

You heard about the salary a professional truck driver can have. Yet you want to test the water first if such career fits for you and therefore, you are looking for part-time truck driving jobs. And yes, there are part-time truck driving jobs available features at many job search platforms, newspapers, magazines, and posters. However, keep in mind that having a contract of a part-time job has a lesser salary compared to the regular truck drivers.

Online Advantage

Take the advantage of the technology and look for truck driving jobs featured at many online platforms. You can ask the human resource regarding your concern and see if you are the right guy for the job. Prepare your professional driving license prior to this matter. You may also submit your resume from their online career pages. Remember that there is a big difference between a professional car driving license and a truck driver’s license. You have to do several assessments from the State Land Transportation Office. Make sure that you don’t have any DUI records and other pending offenses when applying for the truck license.


Ask anyone who knows a company that is looking for a part-time truck driving job. As soon as you got the job, the company may absorb you when you perform well prior to your driving and deliverables. In case that the company only needs your service in short-term, you may ask the company to give you a certificate when your contract ends. When they provide you the certificate, you can include this when you decide that truck driving jobs fit you.

Advertising And Job Posts

You can also find companies that are looking for part-time truck driving jobs from newspaper advertising and job posts. Don’t hesitate to call them and ask few things about the company including the salary, policy and their industry.

Buy YouTube Likes: The Key To Growing Your Account

When buying YouTube views, the more you buy the more you get and you might even end up with more than you paid for in the form of viewers viewing any video that’s popular or well-viewed. Paradoxically, the way to get free views is to pay for a few of them and start a chain reaction of free video sharing.In turn, if you want your YouTube account or marketing campaign to grow, you might need to buy youtube likes. It works the same way as buying views. The likes bar gives your video a lot more credibility because it represents community support. What’s more, you don’t have to buy youtube likes a whole way through. Just buy enough to give viewers the impression of positive consensus.

Positive Consensus

  • Likes are collectively a better indicator of positive consensus than views because it’s possible to view something that’s hated or disliked significantly. Likes further bolster your views in that they confirm the popularity of the video was because of fame rather than infamy. Views are easier to fake too using plug-ins that refresh your browser every few seconds and a VPN that changes your IP every so often. It’s better to do this with a VPN instead of without one.
  • Plug-in refreshers should be used with ever-changing IP addresses (via proxies or VPN) because otherwise, YouTube will ban or bury your video if it were to gather views that are registered through one IP only. Then again, the ability to AstroTurf or fake views for a video is the reason why YouTube changed its promotion algorithm to value engagement more. The most watched video no longer is the most impact video as far as YouTube is concerned.
  • Engagement specifically refers to watch time and interaction of the user with the video. Rather than just take into account views (which could involve people clicking the video for the first few seconds then clicking off soon afterwards), YouTube now values both views and how many minutes the user watches on top of other metrics like likes, shares, comments, and other clues of engagement. Views only tell part of the story nowadays.

Getting Instagram Likes: It’s Worth The Effort

The social network is one of the memorable things that changes the internet world. It revolutionizes how people communicate with their friends, relatives, and colleagues. You can easily share photos, videos, music, documents or your opinions whenever and wherever you are on the planet. Some examples of social network that is used by millions of users nowadays are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Myspace and many more.

There are several reasons why these social networks become famous. It is a means of staying in touch with what is happening to your friends and relatives every day. You can also get daily news and events on what is happening in the world. You can also share your opinions regarding some timely issues in your social accounts. Social networks enable you to meet new people outside of your circle. You can also upload or post pictures and videos in your social accounts to make yourself famous. And one of the best social platforms to do this is through Instagram.

Instagram is a very popular photo-sharing site where your follower can view and like your uploaded photo and videos. Some users make it a big deal of getting instagram likes a habit. It is always worth an effort when you are getting instagram likes a lot. Some users are so proud and feel happy when their pictures are liked by thousands of users. It somewhat makes them famous even if it just in a social network. For an artist, having many likes and followers means that many people appreciate their shows or music. Instagram is also one way of advertising the products of different companies. More likes and followers make the product to be shown to other users and more users will know the product.

Tips for Beginners to Have Many Likes in Instagram

  1. You should post attractive and lively pictures for users to like it.
  2. Always use hashtag everytime you post something because this attracts new followers.
  3. Post new pictures or videos every day to update your followers.
  4. Interact with the users who are following you to have a lively account and page in Instagram.
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You Can Find Terrific Foreign Cars Under $10,000 – If You Buy Used

Sometimes, you have the option to buy a second-hand car if you are on a tight budget and yet you still want to own a car. Though, you might have second thoughts because since it is second hand, you are not assured whether it is still in good shape. However, looking for used cars under $10,000 would be easy if you just know where to look. As a matter of fact, it is better if you are acquainted with the seller so you are already assured that he or she won’t sell you those that are not in good shape.

Used Cars You Can Buy At An Affordable Price

  • Honda Fit – the design of this car might be small, but its capacities are quite big. Some consumers liked its fuel consumption because it is cheap and the ride is also comfortable because there is a lot of space inside.
  • Mini Cooper – this car is one of the top choices of used cars under $10,000 because when you ride inside this car, it is very comfortable and yet, it would still run as fast as a rocket, meaning, you won’t get discomfort even when it is going too fast.
  • Land Rover LR3 – this model is very well known because it is highly immune to rust and has a very reliable suspension. Though some of the Land Rover models are not that good, you are assured that this model is still high quality because the manufacturers took a lot of consideration in building this one.
  • Toyota RAV4 – Not only is the brand known, but it is also a very reasonable choice because it has a great interior, facelift, cool features inside and it has best engines that would run smoothly. This car is perfect for any weather condition and is very reliable as well.