News Flash: Carrageenan Does NOT Cause Cancer

Whenever something is in abundance and being popular, they are targeted by a lot of people and tend to make some issues out of it so that they fall down in the market and no one would avail that product anymore. Even when it comes to organic additives like carrageenan, people are saying that the contents of this particular ingredient may cause cancer to people who are consuming them on a daily basis. This news has become a horror for people because most of the products they are consuming contain this ingredient. However, let us look at the reason why it is not the case.

Healthy Alternative For Additives
Since the majority of the additives being produced nowadays are chemically induced, people are also considering carrageenan as one of them. However, if you are not that aware, then let me tell you this. It is actually an ingredient that is commonly found in seaweed, which is apparently a plant growing underwater.

When we talk about something organic and healthy, the first thing that comes to mind are plants, which is somehow true since they grow on their own, getting needs from the outside when necessary. However, it is not the case if the plants are sprayed with chemicals to make them grow. For the seaweed, on the other hand, that can’t be the case because they naturally grow underwater and doesn’t need that much attention to grow. This ingredient has been considered as on organic ingredient by The National Organic Standards Board, meaning it doesn’t have that dangerous effect on the body like cancer that someone proposes.  Even the World Health Organization claims that it is safe after their investigation, meaning that it is actually safe and you don’t need to worry about the false accusations of it having a bad effect on the body.