Good Enough For Grandma, Just As Good Now: The Rainbow Vacuum

As innovation has struck almost every point and every corner of the world, an upgrade in our gadgets, machines, and appliances is inevitable. No more exhausting startups, no greasy nor dirty handwork, and lastly, no more mess in keeping your things. Just like new air-condition units these days and high technology smart phones, new vacuums these days like the rainbow vacuum has also adapted to the changes that this world has undergone, from your average vacuum it is now a whole lot easier to use this machine.

Old people tend to be obsessively compulsive when it comes to sanity and the cleanliness of their environment, particularly to their home. And we all have that grandmother or grandfather that never gets tired of sweeping the floor. In the Philippines, old people sweep their floors every now and then, at least once in the morning and another at the afternoon.  But what if they learn that a high-tech gadget could still get a lot better? No more achy backs for all the bending and crouching. No need to get back on those spots just to entirely wipeout all the dust, particles, and all the debris. That, a normal vacuum could offer. But with all the new vacuums out there like rainbow vacuum, things could get a lot more convenient not only for our grandparents but also for everyone out there.

If all the controls are placed exactly at the handle of your vacuum, there would be no more need for an extra effort to reach for the vacuum tank itself. The user has the complete power over the vacuum and with the mere touch and hit on the controls one could make the vacuum do whatever one desires. With this technology our grandparents would not need to carry around the vacuum tank or get back to it every now and then just to hit that switch.