Legoland: A Terrific Addition To The Johor Scene

Focusing on cutting edge technology and topnotch architecture and design, Legoland Malaysia completely changed the landscape in the Johor area –both figuratively and literally. With fun and excitement for guests in mind, the company that built the popular theme park did not scrimp on all aspects and gave the destination their all. Now, it has become the number one attraction in Malaysia, if not the whole of Malaysia. And there are so many easy ways to get to JB from KL, visitors have all the options at their disposal.

Getting There

As there are many modes of transport made available, people who opt to travel by bus from KL to Legoland have two important considerations in mind that make this means of travel the best and most popular choice. These top considerations are – cost and convenience. Other modes are comfortable but can rather be restrictive in terms of cost. A plane ride will be quick but awfully expensive. A trip by train can be cheap but uncomfortable. Thus, the wisest and most practical choice will have to be to travel by bus from KL to Legoland. The 4 to 5-hour ride is comfortable courtesy of the efficient Malaysian bus transport operators. And the cost is rather cheap.

Fun Never Ends

Why is Johor’s Legoland rising as the top destination? The reason is pretty obvious. It boasts of more than 70 rides that the whole family can enjoy. There is a special ride for anyone of any age. The waterpark is amazing. The amusement hub which is gigantic by all measures has put together the water park, theme park and hotel options inside a very large area. The shows and attractions are outstanding. Food stops and dining places abound. Shopaholics can get their fix going around the area. Legoland is indeed the perfect destination for every type of “brick-tacular” enjoyment there is, Lego-style.