Will Flea Killers Hurt Your Pets?

Small and Terrible

There are many ways to describe fleas. There are indeed small in size, from 1/12” to 1/6”, with their extremely flat, dark and reddish brown bodies, it appears harmless. These insects do not have wings, but, it does have an antenna. However miniature in size, it presents, with six legs and flat bodies, these insects are considered parasites and feeds on blood in order to survive. It latches on any warm-blooded mammal, and reported more comfortable and at home on cats, dogs, rats, other forms of rodents, opossums, and occasionally humans. It finds warmth and comfort in shoes, blankets, mattresses, and pant legs too.

It brings terrible health problems to animals and humans alike. As each bite transmits deadly bacterial diseases, such as, murine typhus, which often acquires through infected rats. The saliva of these parasites are allergen can cause severe allergic reactions to any animal and human bitten. Thus, it is only normal to seek and find out, which method of flea killers can eradicate these parasites away from you, your pets and your home. You may have seen many chemically induced sprays and other strategies to kill these parasites, however, with continuous usage, these can also hurt you and your pets.

Natural Flea Control

Contrary to what most people believe, you can find natural flea killers that get rids of the parasites and those that will not hurt your pets. You should know, fleas are almost the same with cockroaches, and are able environmentally adapt and become stronger and immune to chemically induced methods. Fleas actually thrive more in the environment than on your pet’s fur. Thus, it is imperative to clean and disinfect. Vacuuming and cleaning out the carpets, rugs, sofas are important as well. Setting out a trap can work as well, like, plug-in traps also work like a charm.