Are There Any Part-Time Truck Driving Jobs Available?

You heard about the salary a professional truck driver can have. Yet you want to test the water first if such career fits for you and therefore, you are looking for part-time truck driving jobs. And yes, there are part-time truck driving jobs available features at many job search platforms, newspapers, magazines, and posters. However, keep in mind that having a contract of a part-time job has a lesser salary compared to the regular truck drivers.

Online Advantage

Take the advantage of the technology and look for truck driving jobs featured at many online platforms. You can ask the human resource regarding your concern and see if you are the right guy for the job. Prepare your professional driving license prior to this matter. You may also submit your resume from their online career pages. Remember that there is a big difference between a professional car driving license and a truck driver’s license. You have to do several assessments from the State Land Transportation Office. Make sure that you don’t have any DUI records and other pending offenses when applying for the truck license.


Ask anyone who knows a company that is looking for a part-time truck driving job. As soon as you got the job, the company may absorb you when you perform well prior to your driving and deliverables. In case that the company only needs your service in short-term, you may ask the company to give you a certificate when your contract ends. When they provide you the certificate, you can include this when you decide that truck driving jobs fit you.

Advertising And Job Posts

You can also find companies that are looking for part-time truck driving jobs from newspaper advertising and job posts. Don’t hesitate to call them and ask few things about the company including the salary, policy and their industry.