Diet Bestseller: The 5-2 Diet Book

Consumerism is one of the major problems that continually to sprout among nations. It is a belief that consuming off a lot of goods and services will be good economically for the whole nation. This belief makes an individual consume more than they need. One of the sectors that have benefitted from this is the food industry. As more people are engaged in buying foods, more problems arise. One of this is that the amount of waste generated increases exponentially and overweight become rampant among adults and children. Overweight problems have been a concern in first world countries for the past decades.

Overweight occurs when too many fats accumulate in a body more than that of normal body mass index (BMI) for a certain age. BMI is the measurement of fat in the body depending on height and weight of an individual. Usually, normal people have a BMI ranging from 20-25. Higher than 25 and you will be considered overweight.

There are a lot of things that you can do to shed some weight. But all of them will make you hungry and it needs the willpower to be successful. There are lots of diet books in the market like that 5 2 diet book which offers easy solutions to your overweight problems.

The 5 2 diet book details the “Eat Stop Eat” wherein it focuses on the principle of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a form dieting pattern wherein you skip certain meals to control your calories intake per day.

What is “Eat Stop Eat”?

Eat stop eat is a method develop by food guru Brad Pilon. It is an intermittent fasting wherein you do fasting once or twice a week but never consecutively. During the fasting days, it is recommended coffee, soda or tea. During breakfast, you should only eat moderately and he advocates eating lots of vegetables and fruits.